Looking to engage and empower your community?   Join a one- or multi-day workshop for your community!  


In a world filled with so much need, we understand that time is valuable, and so is the need to work together to positively transform our communities. Rain of Hope's workshops engage communities in the conversation and help them successfully implement the change they deem necessary.  


Workshops range from one-day programs for youth to multi-day programs empowering community members to help and improve communities through collaborative service and advocacy projects.

Current Workshops

Friendship Matters Workshop Series:  Five Key Ingredients to Friendship

Rain of Hope has created a recipe to foster the perfect friendship.  

The key ingredients include kindness, mindfulness, respect, communication & listening, and collaboration.


Workshops focus on these "ingredients", and provide participants the opportunity to collaborate through play!  


Workshops for younger children include making play dough from basic kitchen ingredients which they will be able to take home, and making "mindful bottles" to learn how to become mindful of their words and actions.  Older youth discuss the power of collaboration, communication and listening, and then, engage in life-size games where they must work together.  


Workshops are appropriate for all ages (children are grouped together based on age).  Join us for one...two...or more!*

Past Workshops

Hope Project

Last December, New Haven Public Schools contacted Rain of Hope to help engage students in a “hope” project that would be driven by the Student Council Leaders throughout New Haven Public Schools. 


New Haven Public School's chose the non-profit, New Reach, formerly known as New Haven Home Recover, Inc., as their benefactor. The discussion dove into two issues impacting our communities today: homelessness and literacy


By the end of the time with the students, a project timeline was agreed upon by the group at-large. As a result, we held a huge book drive across 40+ schools! Students in each middle and elementary school in New Haven were also responsible for running an independent book drive at their school, including communicating and marketing the book drive to the school body and managing the logistics of book collections within the school.

"It was an honor to spend time with these student leaders, and encouraging to see our next generation is preparing to make their ripple count.  Yes, we will be ready to hand our world over to the next generation.  However, we must continue to take the time to ensure the next generation not only has math and reading skills, but also the skills needed to solve problems and work together."

- Jennifer Ricker, Founder/ Executive Director of Rain of Hope