"Knowledge of character education programs, mindfulness meditation, social emotional learning, team-building activities, and service-learning programs has propelled me forward in the career of my dreams. I have brought the mindfulness practices and team-building activities into the daily routine of the classrooms in which I currently work in order promote a safe environment for students to learn and grow together."

"I believe that one of the most valuable skills that I gained from Rain of Hope is the ability to manage a classroom or group of students in a calm and kind manner."


"Rain of Hope allowed me the space to learn and grow as a prospective teacher, giving me the experience that I need to succeed as I enter the classroom." 

Cynthia Fedorko

Intern, Southern Connecticut University & Former Program Instructor, Rain of Hope

"Rain of Hope has given me just that….Hope! It is so nice to have the Rain of Hope team so dedicated to what they do. I work with memory impaired residents who have had the opportunity to reach out to second-grade children as pen pals and then meet at the end of the program."


"Our motto with the residents is to live the moment, and they did just that. With every letter read and written it brought on a new feeling of excitement. Upon meeting our pen pals, our residents were so touched."


"To teach young children about our seniors and incorporate inter-generational programs to my weekly schedule, was wonderful.  I cannot thank [Rain of Hope] enough for such a great program and cannot wait to begin our next session."


Christine Tucci, Program Coordinator 

Coachman Square at Woodbridge, “A Benchmark Senior Living Community”

“Rain of Hope’s after school program of paring second graders and mature adults was a hit…[My  daughter enjoyed having a pen pal….The two seemed to develop a connection in a short amount of time. This was one of her favorite after school activities. [My daughter] told me that she would do that program again. Thanks again …[to] Rain of Hope for bringing a fantastic organization and program to our children’s school and community.”

Jamelah Stone, LCSW

Parent, Davis Street Elementary School

The collaboration between Rain of Hope and the Elementary Education Department at SCSU began as an informal conversation about developing afterschool programming that would serve as an extension of the school day, deepening academic skills and promoting socio-emotional growth, while engaging students in "As an associate professor of Elementary Education at Southern Connecticut State University, I am honored to work with Rain of Hope. fun, enjoyable activities. That conversation grew into a partnership in which education majors from SCSU contribute to Rain of Hope’s curriculum, serve as teaching staff, and conduct a level of data-based program evaluation. Not only am I pleased to contribute to the important mission of Rain of Hope, but I also feel that my students benefit greatly from their supporting roles in Rain of Hope." 


"Rain of Hope provides us with an outline for each program: the program goal, background information, suggested activities, and a timeline. [Students] are learning the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework for curriculum development… One aspect of this process involves aligning the program with Common Core State Standards. Because my students know that their curriculum will be used, they are far more motivated. Creating curriculum becomes an act of service rather than an academic exercise."


"With the option to volunteer as Rain of Hope teaching staff, our majors now have many more opportunities to teach within their fieldwork. The majors who have worked with Rain of Hope have told me that they feel like they are making a difference in the world by doing so. They also tell me how prepared they feel for student teaching because of the amount of teaching they do within the Rain of Hope programs."


"The mission at Southern Connecticut State University states in part that, “Southern is committed to academic excellence, access, social justice, and service for the public good.” I can think of no better way to engage in service for the public good than through our partnership with Rain of Hope."


Dr. Laura Bower-Phipps, PhD

Associate Professor, Southern Connecticut State University

"I would like to recommend Rain of Hope, a nonprofit organization that offers educational programming focused on empowering students through community service learning. The organization launched their pilot program at Davis Street School.  The pilot program focused on teaching the lower grades: the importance of community service; the power we all have to make a difference in our world; and provided a hands-on community service project."


"This program was so successful and well received that we have continued our relationship and we are currently offering another session with fifth-grade students incorporating music and literacy. The student interns from SCSU have become a part of our learning community and continue to volunteer and participate in school events. This well organized and effective program enriched the afternoons of many students whose families are not financially able to provide such experiences for their children. Our diverse student body was able to benefit socially, emotionally and academically from the Rain of Hope program and learn the importance of giving back to their community. "


Mary Derwin

Assistant Principal, Davis Streets Arts & Academics Interdistrict Magnet School