June Monthly Newsletter

From The Blog: Collaboration Begins with Social and Emotional Development

Teaching collaboration is successful when students are taught to clearly communicate, express themselves, and actively listen to each other. Many teachers incorporate peer and group work to help encourage collaboration in the classroom; however, it takes time to teach students the social and emotional skills (SEL) needed to become successful collaborators – and time is a commodity that teachers often find in short demand.

Rain of Hope partners with schools and teachers because we understand that teachers’ time is already overbooked, and teachers are under enough pressure as is. So teachers, our million dollar question is, how can we collaborate with you and serve your youth? Read more....


Raindrops at Home: Make Tasks Fun through Collaboration!

One of Rain of Hope's ingredients in our "Friendship Recipe" is Collaboration, which helps to be open-minded and respectful of others. Collaboration is also a lot of fun, especially when using it to help your community. Here are activities that can show the power of collaboration.

Cooking is always a great collaboration activity! Grab a cookbook, close your eyes and choose a recipe at random. If you have more than one child, assign each child an ingredient, and ask them, can we make this without your ingredient? Even better, bake for your neighbor, sick friend, church, or homeless center and show how a fun activity like cooking really CAN help others in the community. Who said all work and no play? Get the family together to go through the belongings in your home, then take items you don’t want/need anymore and donate them. Have a contest to see who can find the most items to donate! Doing this is a lot of fun and helps out your community. Love working outdoors? Teach children collaboration by offering to do yard work for a neighbor in need. With the whole family, together, you can get it done quicker...the sooner the task is done, the more time to play! Collaboration is a skill used in school, college, the workplace and beyond. Like any skill, the more we practice - the better we become. And together - imagine what we can accomplish!


Raindrop of the Month: Alyssa Dearborn, University of New Haven

Alyssa is studying English at the University of New Haven, yet finds time in her schedule to volunteer for Rain of Hope! Alyssa spends Friday afternoons researching and writing blog posts to share our story. She also helped create our newsletter template through a business writing class at the University of New Haven this Spring. Alyssa’s work is a great contribution to helping Rain of Hope spread our ripple, sharing our story with you.


Quote of the Month:

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” ​

– Ryunosuke Satoro

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