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Quiet, Relaxed, & Still; Children in Meditation

​​In an increasingly stressful world, children are often left with complicated feelings and anxiety. According to the United Way of Greater New Haven, 90% of local school students have faced adverse childhood experiences from witnessing or experiencing violence, neglect or poverty. When faced with challenges, studies show that self-control and emotional and mental stability help relieve stress and anxiety. For this reason, Rain of Hope begins every Friendship Matters lesson with five to ten minutes of mindful meditation.

One of the most powerful skills that Rain of Hope teaches is becoming mindful of our actions through meditation. There are many studies that support meditation’s usefulness and credit it to the control of stressful emotions [1]. One study even showed that meditation can have the same impact on stress as exercise [2]. As powerful as meditation can be for adults, it can have an even greater impact on children.

Rain of Hope has discovered that many children find peace and enjoyment through our mediation practices. In fact, one student recently came to class asking with excitement, "Are we going to meditate today? I really need it!" Many observers are most surprised to watch as the children remain silent, calm and relaxed as they learn to control and effectively process their thoughts and emotions - even on Friday afternoons!

It's amazing to see young people enjoying meditation, knowing how this skill will impact their lives. By learning the value of mindfulness at a young age, they can better control the anxieties of everyday life, a significant benefit that will better their future. But what is most impressive is how much the kids appreciate these mindful moments. After experiencing the program, some students have sent thank-you letters to Rain of Hope, expressing how grateful they are for learning how meditation can improve their lives.

Rain of Hope believes that meditation helps young people become more mindful of their actions, increasing self-regulation. When children learn self-regulation, they are able to understand how their actions affect the world around them, and grow to become positive adults.

Want to see for yourself? Rain of Hope invites others to see how programs like this one have a positive impact on youth. In fact, we'll even bring the mindfulness to you! Email to find out how to host a FREE community event.



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