Teach Students to Effectively Collaborate is Music to the Ears!

Collaboration is a key part of life. In work, we collaborate with colleagues and co-workers. At home, we collaborate with family members. In school, we collaborate with our children's teachers and administrators in school. Collaboration is key to living in a community and finding ways to make our lives - and the lives of others - better.

Rain of Hope's youth programs teach students to collaborate, and builds fundamental social skills needed throughout their lives. Our Lyrics n' Music Matters program takes this lesson and makes it music to your ears!

Lyrics n' Music Matters inspires students to collaborate and write their own songs with a powerful message. It’s simple - we ask key questions and listen to students’ response. When listening to a song, what is the underlying message? Can songs impact our emotional or physical state?

The lessons teach students to actively listen to each other, not judge one another for song or music choice, and begin to understand each other. The opportunity for instructors and teachers is engaging with students, learning and understanding their views, and helping them have a stronger voice.

Each week through fun and interactive activities, students are engaged in creative uses of figurative language. Then, we take music to the next level when students collaborate to write a song for a community showcase where they share their message with the community.

The lesson is simple - words are powerful. Together, we can send a message to the community and our voices WILL be heard!

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