Rain of Hopes engages the community and empowers individuals to realize we all have the power to change the world!


Through youth programs, community events, and workshops, Rain of Hope creates moments for communities to join and work together.


Rain of Hope builds caring communities through fun and engaging programs and events that empower children and adults to respect each other, to understand complex issues facing our community, and to work together to solve problems. Working with an array of organizations and communities, Rain of Hope empowers individuals to make their ripples count.


Our youth programs workshops and events help engage and empower others. All programs can be integrated into already existing school or community programs, or as stand-alone programs running in community centers, libraries or camps. Programs can be tailored to your community based on needs and/or age restrictions. 

Youth Programs

Rain of Hope's youth programs teaching children why they should choose to help their community, and how doing so empowers them to find their voice and bring change to their world.

Rain of Hope offers four youth programs:  Seniors Matter, Lyrics n' Music Matters, Friendship Matters and Community Matters.  Programs are designed cost-consciously to ensure they are accessible to communities of all income levels and those affected the most by the educational achievement gaps.

Community Events

Rain of Hope's special events engage communities in our mission, expanding our ripple to more communities. Through two signature events, Rain of Hope is bringing communities together.


Our Super Hero SMASH! celebrates real-life superheroes while engaging communitiues in the idea that each of us has the power to change the world.  


Our Amplified Ripples concert celebrated youth in our Lyrics 'n Music Matters program.  Making students feel like rock stars for a day, communities rock out to songs written by youth positive messages.


Looking to engage and empower your community?   Let us design a one-day or multi-day workshop for your community!  


In a world filled with so much need, we understand that time is valuable - and so is the need to work together to positively transform our communities.  Rain of Hope's workshops engage communities in the conversation and help them successfully implement the change they deem necessary.