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Each raindrop brings hope of new beginnings.

Each person brings endless possibilities.

Our Mission

Rain of Hope helps people make their ripple count through engaging programs, workshops, and events.

Rain of Hope creates caring communities through community service learning programs that are exciting and fun for all ages – from 3 to 103!

With a focus on building and teaching communities that we are all connected,

Rain of Hope’s programs empower individuals through age-appropriate community service projects and lessons that develop social skills. 

Our Mission
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Rain of Hope serves 188 youth each week.
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The Halloween Bash is BACK! 

Last year's event was a huge success, bringing generations together with over 40 trick-or-treaters receiving treats from more than 35 Coachman Square residents.  

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 Alyssa is currently studying English at the University of New Haven, yet finds time in her schedule to volunteer for Rain of Hope!  By choice, Alyssa spends Friday afternoons researching and writing blog posts to share our story.


Alyssa learned about Rain of Hope from her roommate who is a Rain of Hope employee.  Why is Alyssa willing to give her time to Rain of Hope?  She believes “it would be a good way to put my skills to use and help people. I like seeing how much progress has been made within the community.”  

Alyssa also helped create our newsletter template through a business writing class at UNH this Spring. The class was tasked with creating newsletter templates, and her design was a great fit.  Completing a school project for Rain of Hope has been meaningful to Alyssa, stating that “since it is being applied to the real world, I feel it increases motivation. It’s also nice to see how concepts from class are applied to real life situations.” 


Alyssa’s work is a great contribution to helping Rain of Hope spread our ripple, sharing our story with you. 

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