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The power of a single raindrop.


Just as raindrops create ripples that affect the water around it,
Our actions – positive and negative – impact our community.

Who We Are

The power of a single raindrop.  Just as raindrops create ripples that affect the water around it, our actions – positive and negative – impact our community.


Rain of Hope focuses on helping individuals to care and nurture the world around them, empower them to understand complex issues facing our community and environment, and work together to help solve these problems at hand.


To this end, we create age-appropriate, community service learning programs for schools and the community. Through a strategic partnership with local nonprofits, each program is connected to a fundamental community-based need or service area.  School-age programs are matched to common core curriculum. Community/service areas are determined  by children and youth in Rain of Hope programs.  Past projects have focused on animals' rights, civil rights, violence, homelessness, senior care and many more

Youth Programs

Rain of Hope's youth programs teach children why they should choose to help their community, and how doing so empowers them to find their voice and bring change to their world.


Short-term, our programs reinforce character development, academic performance, and community service awareness.  The intermediate goal of our programs teaches students that their choices and actions impact others. Long-term, we strive to increase the number of individuals involved with community service, either as volunteers, donors or social entrepreneurs.


Educators agree that integrating academic curriculum with community service is vital. This form of learning emphasizes critical thinking and encourages a heightened sense of community, civic engagement, and personal responsibility. However, only 32% of public schools integrate service learning into academics. Children also need character development to build social and ethical skills, learning how to connect and work together.


Rain of Hope addresses these problems by: 1. introducing service learning and character development through youth programs, and 2. providing empowering, academic programs to all youth, regardless of their families' income level.narrow letters, that works well on almost every income level.

Rain of Hope, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, based in Connecticut. 

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